Tour of the sights in Merano/Meran

In the city of gardens and thermal baths

There are many sights in Merano/Meran. The spa town at the Passiria/Passer river is not far from our hotel in Scena/Schenna and has a particular charm and southern flair. The holiday region Merano and environs is blessed with an especially mild climate, offering the ideal conditions for a great variety of Mediterranean plants such as palms, cypresses, cedars, holm oaks and many more. Another prominent sight in Merano/Meran are the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle. The gardens extend in the shape of a natural Amphitheatre over a surface of 12 hectares and cover about 80 garden landscapes with plants from all over the world. Also the thermal baths in the heart of the town are one of the top sights in Merano/Meran. Here you can bathe in soothing thermal water, surrounded by an extensive thermal park and a fashionable cube made of glass and steel. Other sights are the Old Town with cultural highlights such as the Merano Music Festival in summer and the Christmas market in winter! In the time before Christmas the town shows itself in all of its splendour, with Christmas tree, fairy lights and festive decorations. On the Christmas market you can find all kinds of handicrafts and culinary delights. Immerse yourself, go with the flow and enjoy!